Chauffer Mum

My hubby and I have been together for about 12 years.  Since then, I have been the one and only driver in our household.

My hubby became interested in motorbikes when he was a teen and his brothers helped him to learn how to ride and to get his motorbike licence.  But he never learned how to drive a car.

Since then, he has had a learners car licence, but never actually taken that extra step to get his car  licence.  It was always the plan for him to get his licence asap… but time has gone by… and it hasn’t happened yet.

At first he was nervous and felt too enclosed in the car.  Then we had children and we felt uncomfortable about him learning while they were in the car.  (My closest family is an hour away, and we don’t have anyone that can watch the kids).

He had a few driving lessons with a driving instructor and began to feel a bit more confident.  However, our car was too small for our brood, old, and uncomfortable to drive.  So about 12 months ago, we purchased a new car.

The plan was that in addition to our children not being squished into a sardine tin, we would be able to get out and about in the world more often, and he would feel more comfortable in the new car, and begin to practice more often to get his licence.

But 12 months have flown by, and still no licence.  It’s not anyone’s fault. It just hasn’t happened.  But to be honest, sometimes, I get disgruntled.

Because being the driver ALL the time is exhausting.

In the everyday nitty gritty I am responsible for all of the pickups, the drop offs, I am watching the clock, watching the traffic.  I can’t just zone out, chillax and enjoy the view.  If we need to go to anywhere, I can’t just send hubby.  Even if I am sick, or tired.  It has to be me.  And I sometimes feel like I am just the chauffer.

And so I grumble and I complain.

We have had many arguments.

So we have now made a truce and set out some goals.

Goal Number 1: Find an empty street or carpark, so hubster to get used to the feel of the car and the gears.  We will do this for at least an hour over the next two weekends.

Goal Number 2: Once hubster is more confident with the feel of the car and the gears, each week we will go on a family drive, and he will drive on the parts that are not too complicated so he can get used the feeling of the open road. By Mid-May he should be completing the entire drive.

Goal Number 3: Now that hubster is confident on the open road, he needs to get confident about the town. Dropping off the kids and driving to work in peak hour is a must.  By the beginning of June whenever we go shopping or go to errands hubby should be driving.

Goal Number 4: Mid June. The Freedom of having a licence is within hubbys grasp.  He goes for the driving test and succeeds.

Goal Number 5: July  Hubby drops me off at work and drops the the kids off at school and daycare and picks us all up in the afternoon 2 or 3 days out of 5.  If hubby needs to go to the shops or the gym, he takes himself.

Goal Number 6: Hubby takes the kids out for a drive somewhere so I can have some ‘me’ time at home….  Hubby drops me off at the beach for the afternoon….  

Yes, Goal Number 6 is my hidden agenda.

Well… a girl can dream.