Dallas at the cave #KCCrush #KeatynChronicles #TeamDALLAS

Dallas at the cave #KCCrush #KeatynChronicles #TeamDALLAS

The Red Lipstick Dare

Andrea from Fox in Flats dared us to wear Red Lipstick every day for a week.

I have never participated in one of Andrea’s dares before – but I hardly ever wear lipstick – in fact I don’t usually put on make up very often at all – so this felt a little glamorous and a little fun.  On some of the days I even found myself putting in a little extra effort  – putting on foundation and eyeliner as well.

I have never been really happy with my lips – I always felt like my top lip was too thin when I smile.  But taking pictures of my red lips every day was interesting – I have developed a new appreciation for my lips.  I guess I kind of do like them after all – and now know I like wearing lipstick too.

A confronting thing about the red lipstick dare was to actually take photos of myself – just to put on the internet for others to see. I have never really been confident with my body image and right now I need to lose about 20 kilos.  I usually spend most of my time taking pictures of the rest of the family and dodging getting pictures taken of myself because I usually feel that (due to my appearance) I ruin the photo just by being in it.

But I actually began to look forward to taking the pictures / getting Miss O to take a shot of me for the challenge – even though there I would be, on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter for everyone to see, flaws and all.

A negative person could argue that perhaps I have become more narcissistic, however I like to think that maybe, just maybe, thanks to this challenge, that I have become a little more comfortable in my own skin, flaws and all.

The best thing about the red lipstick dare was getting to buy a new lipstick and lipliner seeing the creative ways everyone took pictures of their lips and it was uplifting to see how encouraging and supportive everyone who participated in the challenge was of everyones photos.  Want to see more? Head Over to Instagram or Webstagram to check out the #redlipstickdarefoxinflats pics.

Without any further ado, here are my photos from this week’s Red Lipstick Dare.

Day 1. Wow. I have never really looked closely at my own lips before #redlipstickdarefoxinflats

Day 1 – Hubby asked why I had lippy on. When I said it was for #redlipstickdarefoxinflats he shook his head, mumbled something about being insane & went back to bed. But it kinda feels nice to have nowhere to go & have lippy on “just coz”.

Day 1 – On the couch, watching tv, with lippy on. Pic courtesy of Miss O. #redlipstickdarefoxinflats

Day 1 – Thank you little Avon sampler! #redlipstickdarefoxinflats This got me across the line today : )

Still Day 1 – Any excuse will do for mummy-daughter selfies : ) #redlipstickdarefoxinflats

Day 2 – Ready For Work #redlipstickdarefoxinflats

Day 3 – Playing with Instacollage and Splash of Colour #redlipstickdarefoxinflats

Day 4 – Brand New Lipstick. I never thought I would like bright red as I usually go for more deep colours. But I was surprised that I like it. #redlipstickdarefoxinflats

Day 4 – Silliness just to amuse myself…. #redlipstickdarefoxinflats

Day 5 – Today i am accessorising with a necklace made for me by Mr J at daycare. #redlipstickdarefoxinflats

Day 6 – Stepping outside for a photo. I am really having fun with the #redlipstickdarefoxinflats Photo courtesy of Miss O.

Day 6 – Smiley Close Up #redlipstickdarefoxinflats Photo Courtesy of Miss O

Day 7 – A quick selfie before work coz everyone else is still asleep #redlipstickdarefoxinflats

Thanks to Andrea for setting the dare – and thanks everyone else who participated in this week’s dare.  It was a lot of fun.
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