Learning to Ride

I have vague recollections about learning to ride my first bicycle without trainer wheels.

My mother says I kept getting cranky when I fell off and I would yell at the bike and chuck it to the ground.  Whilst I don’t remember this ( all I remember is the awesome feeling of freedom once I got going) my hubster says that he is not surprised. Hmmm….

Anyhow, luckily for Me, Miss O has a lot more grace.

We have wanting to get Miss O a bike for a while now, but due to finances its something that we have had to keep putting on the backburner.  Miss O turned ten at the end of February and my mother bought her a bike.  (Amazingly Generous!  I love my mum!)

Miss O has been so excited about getting a chance to ride it – but we had about almost a month of rain and busy schedules so the bike sat in the garage and Miss O would go into the garage just to stare at it longingly.

This weekend was the first weekend of the school holidays and we had some sun and free time so we decided we would take the opportunity to go down to the park with the kids and teach Miss O how to  ride.

Grandma had also bought her a super cute matching purple helmet, so first things first was to adjust the helmet, so it was secure and not too loose.

This was easier said than done. It was too loose, it was too tight, it was choking her… After a few tears and tantrums, and several goes, Miss O still wasn’t happy with the feeling of the helmet.

Hubster and I were pretty sure that we had it just right, so in the end we had to tell Miss O that the helmet was a dealbreaker.  Either she got used to the feeling of wearing the helmet, or she could get used to the feeling of the bike being in the garage forever.  Miss O agreed it was better to get used to the feeling of the helmet, and soon we were on our way to the park.

We started Miss O off on the grass to get the hang of balancing on the bike, pushing on the pedals with the right strength and gave her some push offs to get going.

Once she was able to stay upright for a few metres, we encouraged her to start using the path, and practice by herself so she could really get the hang of it.

I was so proud of my Miss O’s determination to keep trying until she got it right.  And she was so excited once she was doing it all by herself.  There were several “woo hooo!” moments.

I am so proud of my angel, I have made a movie trailer about it.

Lol, I know the video is corny (I make these a lot for the kids and my husband just groans).

But Miss O’s determination to succeed got me to thinking about those moments of truth in life.

When its hard.  When we don’t believe that we can do it.  When we are afraid we might fall.

These are the moments of truth. The moments that we need to overcome our fear and try.

If we fail, if we fall, so what?  We just need to pick ourselves up, dust ourselves off and start again.

We can all be champions in our own way.

And those “woo hoo!” moments are really worth it.

We all have to start somewhere.

Is there something you are too scared to try?