About Me

I am a mum and I have three beautiful children that I adore.

Plus I work full time – so I live a hectic  life!

I often worry I am not ‘there’ for for my children as much as I should be.  I am on a journey to become a better mother and a better person.

I dream of the day I can become more available to my kids.

I created this blog to be a bit of a rant – to share the good and the bad.

Sometimes you have to make time to let it all out!


I live in sunny ( and sometimes not so sunny) Cairns.

I feel blessed to live in this tropical paradise and so each weekend we endeavour to do something fun outdoors to enjoy our beautiful world.

I will share these experiences – and my ponderings, both good and bad, when I can…  and I hope you will enjoy.

I appreciate and welcome all feedback and comments.



I would love to hear your comments! Please leave a reply : )

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