Dallas at the cave #KCCrush #KeatynChronicles #TeamDALLAS

Dallas at the cave #KCCrush #KeatynChronicles #TeamDALLAS


Meet Dallas – #KCCrush #TeamDALLAS – Keatyn Chronicles by Jillian Dodd

Hey y’all – Who is participating in the #KCCrushOlympics?

I am #TeamDALLAS and super excited to be sharing our gif showing you the awesomeness that is Dallas!

And seeing as I am all caught up in the Olympic spirit, you have a chance to be gifted with 5 Amazon ebooks of your choice (capped at $2.99 each).

Meet Dallas - #KCCrush #TeamDALLAS - Keatyn Chronicles by JIllian Dodd

“How do I get a chance to win?” I hear you ask.

Well I’ll tell you.

Complete Each step listed below – each step is an entry into the draw. Complete all 6 steps and I will double your chances – that means 12 entries.

1. Follow this blog, then like and comment on this post, telling us all your favourite thing about Dallas.

If you have not read the Keatyn Chronicles by Jillian Dodd (I Can’t imagine why coz its awesome!) you still have a chance to win. Instead you can check out the books on Jillian’s Website and in the comments tell me why you want start reading the series asap. And PS I have good news… at the moment Stalk Me – the first book in the series – is Free. Get it here!

2. Follow me on twitter, then share this blog post on twitter and mention @OzMumSpeak and @JillianDodd and use the tags #KCCrush #TeamDALLAS #TheKeatynChronicles.

3. RT my #KCCrush #TeamDALLAS Team Dallas post on twitter.

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6. Get a friend to like my facebook page and like my “Meet Dallas – #KCCrush #TeamDALLAS” post and get them to tag you in a comment telling me that you sent them.

Good Luck!

Winners will be notified on this blog on Sunday 15th of September 5pm AEST.