Thunderbirds Are Go

I picked up the kids from after school care yesterday afternoon about 5.30 and was halfway home when Mr J (in Prep) tells me that he has to dress up tomorrow, because the Thunderbirds are coming.


Now for a couple of seconds I panic that I don’t have ANY time to get a costume together. Are they supposed to dress up LIKE the thunderbirds?

Then the logical part of my brain takes over.

And I realise that
(a) there is no way the thunderbirds are coming
(b) I better find out what the real story is.

“The thunderbirds are not coming” I tell Mr J. “What are you supposed to dress up as?”

This is when Miss O (soon to be 11) chimes in. “If your whole house got washed away and you had to wear your favourite clothes. So we have to wear our favourite clothes tomorrow. And we have to bring a Gold Coin”

The penny drops.

“Ohhhh” I say. “You are raising money for the Bundaberg Floods”.

“Yeah and they are coming here” Mr J pipes up excitedly.


“No J-Bear! Not THUNDERBIRDS. BUNDABERG. The Thunderbirds are not coming here. You are dressing up at school tomorrow to raise money for the Bundaberg Floods. Bundaberg had a big flood and a lot of people’s houses were damaged and some peoples houses got washed away. Some people were only able to save the clothes that they were wearing. Tomorrow you will dress up at school and bring some money to donate to the people of Bundaberg that need our help”.

“But why did they have a flood?” Asks Mr S (in year 2).


On a serious note, donations to the Red Cross Flood Appeal are lower than expected. If you can help out, head over to the Red Cross website and donate today.


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