1-7 October 2012 #fmsphotoaday

6 October #fmsphotoaday I'm Thankful For... My Gorgeous Family! They complete me. ❤1 October #fmsphotoaday Where I stood... For at least half a hour trying to decide on what type of refrigerator will replace our 2 old inefficient ones.  I would love to afford this one!  @fatmumslim2 October #fmsphotoaday  Lunchtime. Late lunch today: Vegemite toast, followed by my apple strawberry pineapple pie with custard.3 October #fmsphotoaday This happened today... Slow  Cooked Corn Beef & Steamed Veg + Rocky Road Heaven. @fatmumslim4 October #fmsphotoaday What I read... Our bookcases: If it is fiction I have read it. If it is non fiction I have only read the spine.5 October #fmsphotoaday  Shadow...
7 October #fmsphotoaday  Light.... Dusk, last snippet of light in the day.

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