What happened to the tooth fairy?

I won’t be winning the mother of the year award any time soon. I wouldn’t even make it to runner-up.   I have made quite a boo-boo and I don’t quite know what to do about it.

Almost a month ago Mr S got his first wobbly baby tooth. I was so excited about it.  My boy is growing up!  I had plans to keep the tooth fairy magic alive, and put the tooth in a glass of water beside his bed and as you do, tip out the tooth and water and swap it for money.  My plan was 4 fifty cent pieces as well as sprinkling a bit of glitter in and around the glass.

It stayed wobbly for a quite a while and eventually he pulled it out one afternoon at after-school care, after being frustrated at not being able to eat a snack properly.

He gave it to Miss O for safekeeping until I picked them up. Miss O dutifully looked after it and wrapped it up in a little paper envelope, and when we got home, she gave it to me so that we could put it out so the tooth fairy could come.

I put it on my bedside table and promptly forgot about it.

The next morning, Miss O said – “Oh Mum what about the tooth fairy?”

Realising I forgot to put out the tooth, I said, “Oh, she only comes if you put the tooth under your pillow or in a Jar next to your bed.  We will need to put it out tonight”.  So that was that.  The story was acceptable to all and we continued on with our day.

So this morning before we left for school, Mr S gave me one of his big grins.

And then I saw it.

The new tooth beginning to grow through in the spot where the baby tooth had been.

And then I remembered.

I forgot to put his tooth out for the tooth fairy.

It has been at least two or three weeks and it is still wrapped up on my bedside table.

How the heck do I fix this now?

Any Ideas?


2 comments on “What happened to the tooth fairy?

  1. I am sorry, I giggled at this, as I could so see me doing the same thing! I have no suggestions here, but let us know what you end up doing, perhaps the tooth fairy was on holidays?
    My 5 year old is desperately wanting to loose her first tooth, I was still loosing mine at the age of 16, so dont know how long she may have to wait!

  2. Well if it is any consolation you are not the only one to have done this! I did it last week but my son is 10 so he just smirked at me as he was leaving for school and said “mum by the way that tooth fairy must be busy, its been 5 days now!” Maybe you could just say as you were making his bed that you found some money under his pillow and you had forgotten that you had slipped the tooth under there the night it fell out?? If not just worry about it next time!

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