The Lice Wars

You’ve started scratching your head already haven’t you?

They’re back.



Head Lice.

Whatever you want to call them.

Those nasty little blighters.

Intent on destroying the night of leisure that I had planned.

Nope. No leisure for me tonight.

Thank God I just cracked open that bottle of white.

Tonight, I am afraid, will be spent washing my daughters hair with the stinky stuff.

The stuff that kills those inconsiderate little buggers.

Tonight will be spent running the fine tooth comb through my daughter’s thick head of hair.

Tonight will be spent washing the sheets, the towels and the pillowcases.

Tonight will be spent checking my boys hair, washing their hair with the stinky stuff, and running the fine tooth comb through their hair too.

Not exactly the kind of friday night that I had planned.

I have had enough.

I am declaring war on these nunicks.

Right here, right now.

Its on.

I also thought I might post something funny about lice, so I could link up with Tropical Mum for Friday Funny.  And just so I don’t lose my mind.

So here is Beavis and Butthead for your amusement.  If only I could go to these extremes.

But I am not sure my kids would appreciate being electrocuted.


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