Beachcombing at Bramston Beach

Today was Good Friday so we took the opportunity to visit my parents, who live in Innisfail – approximately an hour from Cairns.

The kids were really excited to be visiting Grandma, particularly as she was recently in hospital with heart problems. She had looked so tired and drawn when we visited her in hospital after her angiogram and we are all very relieved that she is on the mend.  As we prepared for the drive to Grandma’s house, Mr J told me several times just how much he loves Grandma.

Grandpa G was in charge of lunch, and prepared Pan Fried Salmon and Chips (cooked to perfection!) and Salad. Mr J and Mr S ate everything on their plate!  I was very impressed.

Before we left home I had made a batch of chocolate mini muffins, and a chocolate cake topped with chocolate sauce and caramel, so we had these decadent delights with cream for dessert.  Everything was devoured but for a few of the mini muffins.

Then Grandma gave the kids their Easter Eggs, which they were very excited to receive. They were all allowed to open one each, so were suitably bouncing off the walls for the next hour or so.

Eventually it was time to leave and my hubster was feeling great after such a relaxing afternoon and wanted to go for a drive ‘somewhere’.

I was not feeling inclined to go driving around as my tummy was feeling full and although I was feeling relaxed, I was feeling rather tired. (…This could be because I was on twitter until 1.30 this morning… but I will not admit to that at all…)

So we headed towards home,  the hubster pouting ever so slightly.  After driving for about 15 minutes as we headed into Mirriwinni, I had a change of heart.

I was thinking about Hands Free Mama and her mission to ditch the ‘to-do’ lists and go “Hands Free” – making use of as many opportunities as possible to make memories for her family.

I started feeling inspired and also reminded myself when I decided to begin my journey towards becoming a better mother and a better person, I had pledged to myself that I was going to make time to create experiences, breathe it all in, and enjoy the view.

On several recent trips to Innisfail, Hubster and I had discussed checking out Bramston Beach. Even though I had grown up only half an hour away, I didn’t remember ever going there, so we had wanted to check it out for a while.

As we reached Mirriwinni, on the spur of the moment, without announcing anything to anyone, I decided to take the 17 kilometre detour and turned onto the road to Bramston Beach.

After a couple of minutes the hubster realised we weren’t on the highway and looked up from the book he was reading.  He asked what I was doing, so I explained I changed my mind and decided that we would check out Bramston Beach. I think that he might think I am fickle. I think he found that adorable.

When we arrived at Bramston Beach, I was totally surprised.  There was virtually no commercial development.  One or two streets of modest looking houses, a caravan park and a cute little resort.  It reminded me of the beaches that I used to visit in my childhood, before the Cairns and Cassowary Coast beaches became popular tourist destinations.

The tide was out and as we went for a walk along the beach the kids were in their element!

Due to the recent strong weather there were a lot of shells, driftwood and all kinds of interesting things at the high tide mark.  We all spent a good hour together, discovering cool things like different types of shells, seeds, and the shapes in the driftwood.

Here are some of the sights…

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

There are so many things that I can take from todays experience.

What have I learned?

I now know that a spur of moment decision can lead to the most amazing time just being with and bonding with your kids.

I know that I will remember my experience today and use it to inspire me to create more ‘spur of the moment’ experiences more often.

I know that kids will pick up all kinds of crap and try to bring it home will consider all kinds of unusual items to be special treasures and if you let them bring it home you will be the best mummy in the world  and by accepting and validating their choice of a special treasure to bring home they can feel like they are bringing home a special memory of the day.  (Mr J has even lovingly displayed his piece of driftwood on the bookshelf above his bed. I hope there are no creepy crawlies in it).

I know that if I had not made the effort to take a detour today, I would not have been able to make this ‘hands free’ memory.

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11 comments on “Beachcombing at Bramston Beach

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  2. This is a stunning piece! Your beautiful descriptive writing made me feel as though I was actually there, enjoying the sights, sounds, tastes, and sensations. What an honor to be mentioned as the “inspiration”” behind your decision to take the detour and make a lasting memory. On my Hands Free journey, I have learned that some of the most meaningful experiences come from the unexpected, the unplanned. The results of your detour is precisely what I have experienced when I throw “caution” to the wind and let go of the need to control and plan. It is not always easy
    (I have a Type A personality) but when I do, the rewards are great. Thank you so much for sharing your experience! I am so thankful you have joined the “Hands Free” journey!

  3. Every child should have at least one beach day experience.
    Speaking as someone who spent most of her childhood on a beach I have to say that picking up “treasures” is a thing that sticks with you. I suppose this collecting of precious items in adulthood provides a small reminder of the happy beachcombing days of youth.
    P.s you take lovely photos.

    • I agree. Some of my most favourite childhood memories is going to the beach with my Dad and looking for shells and also those little white things that look a bit like surf boards (the name escapes me right now). Thanks so much for stopping by and commenting. ❤

    • We really did. So glad I made the effort! The caravan park was busy due to the easter weekend but even still the beach itself was pretty empty. Would be so awesome to have a few days down there in the off season when it is quiet.

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  5. Love the photo montage, and going in the same vein we did a similar treck yesterday when sitting home late in the afternoon we decided at the spur of the moment to pack the car and go fishing. We went out to Holloways Beach first and walked along the beach, catching little baby sandcrabs and just generally enjoying what God had created. We then went to Machans and had a ball. The kids caught a few things (no fish though) and we also caught the most beautiful sunset. It was a great afternoon. Your post just reminded me of how we should just do things that will remain in the memory of our kids for years tom come and that not everything comes at a cost. thanks for the fantastic journey, I felt like I was there with you and the family.

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